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Texas Hold'em rules

Find below the basic principles of Poker Texas Hold'em, the poker variant played the most in the world.
Game Basics
The flow of game

As stated previously, the game is played between two players at least and it is the originator of the cards one by one from the left in the direction of the clock hand.

Before you start the game, a forced bet, the amount is fixed in advance, called Ante is paid by all players, but there are also other blinds for some poker variations such as "blind" or " bring in ".

The number of cards to each player also varies depending on the variant and it may be five, seven or nine depending on the type of game and agreed once the game started, each player is to have the best combination of cards to win the bet all players, called pot.

Everyone has their turn to speak where he can raise the bet, follow the previous or fold that is to say abandon losing what he has already bet, which occurs when the player has a bad combination contributing to reduce its losses.


Come in descending order of value combinations of five cards possible. First, there is the straight flush is a sequence of five cards of the same color. It is called royal flush if the sequence contains an ace, a king, queen, jack and a 10, it is the combination which has the highest poker value.

After the flush, there is the square which is a combination of four cards of equal value, for example, four women and another card of some sort. Know that in poker, the ace is the card that has the highest value and the two is the lowest card.

Then we have the full, all three cards of equal value, also called trips, associated with two cards of equal value or pair. For the full, classified according to the value of the cards set.

It was then that color is a combination of 5 cards of the same color but that does not follow, we tie the colors in the highest value card. Then there's the fifth or suite, which contains 5 cards in sequence but not the same color but be careful because in this case the Ace is the lowest card if the sequence consists of an Ace -2-3-4-5.

After just three of a kind Three cards of same rank and two cards of any kind. Finally, there may be two or a pair with five cards. If no player ever succeeded in forming these combinations, the winner is determined by the highest card, beginning with the aces and one tie combinations identical map outside of the combination which is the highest, the card is then called "kicker".

Essential tricks
To do or to avoid

There are qualities required to be good at poker, such as patience, prudence, analytical skills, creativity and above all, self-control in order to manage its budget.

In addition, avoid the "tilt", an attitude caused by the agitated reaction of disappointment or those who just won big. But we should not be passive, or too bluff, nor will oppose any prizes to those who have good or combinations or play too many hands.

In other words, psychology is very important in poker and you should always strive to remain constantly focused in order to translate the reactions of opponents while trying to develop good tactics game that should, however, vary to avoid getting drilled by those in front of you.

Finally, it must be considered legible gestures called "tells" as many players frequently use to bluff.
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