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Ruels of 5 card draw poker

Draw poker is ideal for a private party poker can be played between three and eight players.
Not to cause excessive distortion of the probabilities of strong hands, and keep parts moving enough, the number of cards used usually varies depending on the number of players: 32 cards for four players, and 40 for five, it will increase the heel of four cards per player, to a complete set of 52 cards to eight players.

There are two main variants on 5card draw poker :
One that is played with blinds: like a game of Texas Hold'em, the two players seated after the dealer blinds pose (small blind / big blind).
One that is played with antes: All players lay a forced bet predetermined early in the game.

Stages of the game:

Each player receives five cards. This is followed by a round of betting begins with the player to the left of the big blind (blind to the alternative) and the dealer's left (when you play with antes). If a player raises and no one has called his bid, he won the pot and suddenly stops. Otherwise, when players have tied the highest bid, the coup continues and the players involved still have the option to change their cards.

Unlike Texas Hold'em, the card is not common. Players still in the game nonetheless able to change 1-4 cards of a player who does not exchange any card says "served" if he calls a "map", "two maps," "three cards". ..

Begins the second round. In the first model, if a player raises and no one has called his bid, he won the pot and the hand ended. Otherwise bidding will stop when the last was equalized.
It then proceeds to slaughter to determine who has the best combination and then, who will win the bets.