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Poker strategy

The strategy is the definition of coherent actions involved in a logical sequence to achieve or to achieve or goals (Wikipedia definition). Poker strategy has only one objective: to save you money. To do this you must make the right decision you fold, call or bet.

To make the right choice between these actions, you must take into account a multitude of information from mathematical, psychological and listen to your instincts.
Each casino game require his own strategy. The strategy used on a poker game won't work when you will play ,lets say, blackjack online. Each type of card game is a whole new world of rules, sets and his own moves and tricks. All of course can be learned.

Our ambition is to allow you to take ownership of the concepts necessary to develop a winning strategy to make you a winning player in the long term.

The poker strategy is divided into three parts:

     * general strategy where the basic concepts as well as reference articles will be indexed.
     * Part of the strategy will address the specificities of tournaments linked to the structure of tournaments the blinds increase, frequently changing table, link management and survival of the stack.
     * Finally, our Party in the cash game will evoke in particular the dominant party of money as the predominance of long-term preservation of the stack or the detailed observation of opponents.

These strategies are applicable to online poker also find more information on online slots a gambling site with a poker strategy section.