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Omaha poker rules

Omaha is a poker game after the most popular Texas Holdem. Omaha contains two variants that are each played a lot.

Omaha-High and Omhaha-High/Low.

The Omaha-High is to produce the highest combination of 5 cards, same goal as Texas Hold'em, but the means to do so will differ.
The Omaha-High/Low is a bit unusual, it offers the possibility that the pot is split between two people, the holder of the highest hand and the lowest hand if there is one.
The flow of game

the flow of game, housing, gives the number of players and available at the table are identical to the rules of Texas Holdem with a few exceptions.

    * Players are dealt four hole cards (pocket cards)
    * The player must use two of his hole cards and three community cards to make his final

 optimum combination

Preflop - Four pocket cards are given to each player starting with the small blind (small blind).

Flop - The dealer turns over three community cards in the middle of the table.

Turn - A fourth community card is returned after the flop.

River - A fifth and final card is returned, forming the entire table with five community cards.
Specific rules in Omaha High / Low

For the lowest hand and therefore have a chance to get half the pot, you will be missed:

    * Have a combination of 5 cards to inférireur 8.
    * The player must use two of his hole cards and three community cards to make his final


If there is no low possible, the High wins the whole pot. It is possible to win both the High and Low. We can use some cards to his hand and other cards High to Low his hand.

Often the low and high is shared between two players, so you loose money if you only have one of the two.

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