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The essence of online poker

There's been a while since you play poker in practice mode and you have just taken the decision to take the plunge and open a Real Money account. You want to live, and rightly so, the true sensations felt by players when they play for money on a poker site Online. And this time, not for fun. In addition, you can not really move forward if you just play poker for free indefinitely. Before you jump into the water I suggest you all see what you need to know before committing your money on the web. Whether at the level of basic safety precautions to be taken or at the first important tips to avoid breaking the bank and commit to the path of success.

My first real money poker
Maybe you wonder, rightly, whether it is safe to   in online casinos? Like all things there are precautions and that is what we'll see.

The legislative component
As you'd expect you're not the only poker players and tens of thousands of them (like me) play daily online, and without ever having been disturbed by the courts. Why? Because at the legal level, in France, for now it's the complete blur and governments turn a blind eye out of obligation. EOD monopoly will fall, because illegal, and the appointment of Bernard Laporte, the secretary of state's youth and sports ministry (if I remember correctly) predicts future flamboyant (star?) For online poker . Recall that the coach of the French rugby team is an excellent business man who has, among other casinos. I feel a slight tax and we will have peace forever.

The deposit component of money and financial security
When you open an account in Real Money there are different methods, similar on all poker rooms, to make your first deposit. A payment by check, bank transfer, payment with your credit card and supplies from an online bank such as Neteller, Firepay, Prepaid ATM etc. I urge you to choose the latter method and open a Neteller account at the bank which is widely used in the rooms and the majority of players. And it's not for nothing. If you want to play on multiple sites, you'll have to give every time your credit card numbers. It is tedious, risky for some, while with Neteller simply give your Id is simple, 100% secure and so much more convenient. (How to open an account, go to the article: Neteller my best to play online

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