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Many of you may have grown up in an environment where playing cards were the norm. There are several games, but going with poker, which I suppose many of you may have played, you will agree that it brought friends and family together. However, online poker has taken over recently. If at the time of its release you did not notice the hullabaloo that it came with, you may not have been a player. In fact it caught the attention of most people and got them intrigued to the point of being unable to focus on other activities.

Though it is a popular game, many people do not feel they have provided a satisfactory answer when asked why they play poker. This could be because most people follow the crowd and find themselves enjoying what they did not really choose to pursue in the first place. However, poker challenges the mind and keeps you on your feet or seated without being tired. It is a game that takes from 2 to about 6 people to play. This helps to explain why peers catch up when they meet for coffee after a long time of being away.

It may not be easy to give good reasons why you play poker, especially when you realize that so much time has been lost in the game. However, it is common knowledge that thousands of people play poker.

Some of them have given various reasons for playing. Here is what they said:

•    You play because you like to win and because you enjoy doing something competitive.
•    You play because you like to gamble.
•    You play to get away from unpleasant experiences in some aspects of life like school, work and family.
•    Your peers play, so why be left out. It’s what they talk about and you want to be a part of that.
•    It looks easy on TV and you think why not give it a try and eventually emerge the victor who gets to take the prize money home.
•    Purely for the money.

You will get the above responses if you interviewed any group randomly. Though it is a short list, it does cover about any answers that you may come across anywhere as to why poker is played. Since everyone is good enough, you can sharpen your skill by reading books like multi-table tournaments and many others. They are largely available in most bookstores and libraries around your locality.

As time progresses, you will realize that your winnings are increasing. You are becoming increasingly comfortable taking on smart challenges. You will even take a shorter time to read and choose whether their strategies will work for you.